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Our Vision

Our Vision at Task Source Inc. is simple. We want to take our collective experience and management applications to a diverse customer base in order to improve that customer's throughput.


We accomplish this through a number of proven mechanisms that allow the combination of leadership and process to
facilitate results. We leverage our time-tested management processes and systems to ensure our centralized management and program execution are maintained at the highest levels.


Our Model has directly contributed to the growth of our brand. This growth is attained by our leadership, knowledge
and capability to deliver uninterrupted services within budget, responsive client support, exceptional past performance and by integrating a network of robust teaming partnerships.


Our network of teaming partners has strengthened our performance by the addition of their management, technical skills and experiences that are relevant to the contract services we provide. We have developed our team network to include diverse experienced 8(a) SBA Certified, Women Owned/Economically Disadvantaged, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned and Veteran Owned Small Business Partners which share our vision of value and approach.

Our Team



President and

Chief Executive Officer



Chief Operating Officer



Founder and

Chief Financial Officer



Human Resources
and Payroll Administrator

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