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Core Competencies

Healthcare Services


Behavioral Health

Medical Case Management

Wounded Warrior Care

Clinical and Non-Clinical Services

Business Operations


Cyber Configuration

Human Resources

Information Technology

Project Management


Medical Equipment and Supplies

Branding and Marketing

Military Support Services

Family Advocacy

Family Assistance

Recruiting & Retention

Resiliency Training

Survivor Outreach

Veterans Outreach


Base Operations

Airfield Operations

Facilities Maintenance


Mobilization Training


Mobilization and De-Mobilization Training

Range Operations

Branding & Marketing

Commercial Business Branding & Promotion

Government Branding & Promotion


Administrative support services to include program management, clerical, program analysis, executive management, record keeping, technical analysis, and other related administrative services.

Behavioral Health

Clinical Behavioral Health Care including psychological evaluations, psychosocial assessments, clinical case management, short and long term consultations and referrals, confidential assessments to support soldier individual medical readiness.

Cyber Security Support

Cyber Security Support services including analysis, subject matter expertise, and programmatic support to achieve planning, integration, accreditation, and mission execution objectives.  Services can include design and hardware recommendations.

Financial & Program Management

Financial/program management, administrative, customer service, data entry, human resources, loan servicing, loss mitigation processing, real estate property disposition, and loss claim processing.

Human Resources

Human Resource support including reduction-in-force, equal employment programs, exit interviews, security, and medical clearance, HR operating policies, and procedures.

Information Technology

Information Technology support to provide technical expertise for Offensive and Defensive Cyberspace Operations associated with operational planning to include activities and information associated with computer network exploitation and attack.


Logistics support for the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce and the Ministry of Defense Advisors (CEW MoDA) programs to include providing Central Issue Facilities, Unit Identification Codes, coordinating personnel moves, transportation, maintaining mobilization readiness, and monitoring training activities to ensure continued relevance to Mission objectives.

Military Family Programs

Military Family Readiness Programs support Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, and Military Veterans along with their families. Our work on behalf of Service Members, Veterans, and their families ensures they have access to every resource and program available at the federal, state, and local level.

Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management supporting Individual Military Readiness (IMR) through the care, management, and transition of recovering service members, applying routine and complex needs assessments and evaluating the overall impact of the application of health care services.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Health Care Services

Licensed Medical Professionals who conduct Medical Retention Decision Point (MRDP) evaluations, immunizations, conduct Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB) impact on the quality of health care to resolve medical actions in order to support future soldier mobilization requirements

Service support the Mission and objectives for the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce and Ministry of Defense Advisors (CEW/MoDA) program, including development and execution of short and long term programs to enhance the training center environment, support long and short range planning for replacement of facilities and future base development, and coordinate all training programs.

Resilience training to improve resilience and psychological health of soldiers and their families across five dimensions; emotional, family, social, physical, and spiritual. To include Substance Abuse Prevention and Suicide Prevention

Veterans Outreach

Veterans Outreach support on behalf of Veterans and their families to support them with programs, services and resources at the national, state and community level and educate Veterans and their Family members to those resources.  Common Outreach services include, Family Readiness Program, Suicide Prevention and Awareness Programs, Resiliency programs, Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention, Programs VA Enrollment Priority Groups, Domestic Violence programs, Equal Opportunity and Discrimination programs, Emergency Services.

Warrior Recovery Care Services comprised of Advocacy Support for seriously wounded, ill or injured warriors and their families. We enhance quality of life, coordinate benefits, and transition warriors back into active service or separation from service.

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